More Spotipy with Oliver Heldens & Hi-Lo

I had such a great time creating the last spotipy project with Eric Prydz and his Pryda alias that I decided to improve on that project with another DJ and alias. My next focus is Oliver Heldens and his darker techno persona Hi-Lo.

Since Hi-Lo has been becoming more popular, I was curious to see the popularity of his songs and followers compared to Oliver Heldens. This time I looked up the artists by their artist ID instead of name.

Again retrieved the top tracks since I wanted to compare the popularity of the tracks, the popularity of each persona, and amount followers as well.

This is the output of popularity, followers, and top tracks:

Now time to turn all of this data into graphs. The easiest way to plot the comparison of top tracks was to combine the data frames.

Since popularity is a ranking out of 100, I adjusted the x-axis of the top tracks to reflect that range. The song Mercury is tagged in Spotify as Oliver Heldens and Hi-Lo which is reflected on the bar chart below.

The followers results are very different which isn’t surprising because Hi-Lo is newly emerging in the techno genre. I adjusted the y-axis labels on this chart to make it much easier to read.

Lastly, I wanted to compare the popularity of Hi-Lo to Oliver Heldens. Again I adjusted the axis with popularity, the y-axis this time, to be in the range of 0 to 100. The popularity between the two is much closer than the followers.

I was actually surprised that Hi-Lo was close behind on everything except the amount of followers. When comparing Eric Prydz and Pryda the top tracks popularity wasn’t nearly as close between the two. This actually makes me wonder if Hi-Lo will surpass Oliver Heldens in any of these categories. My full code is posted on my GitHub. Now I really need to learn how to pull from playlists.